Chapel of the South Fork


The Chapel of the South Fork is situated in South Fork, a small resort community near Wolf Creek Pass at the upper end of the San Luis Valley, Colorado.
Our Church traces its roots back 33 years when a group of Christians formed this congregation as an evangelical and interdenominational Church alternative to what was perceived as a more fundamental and 'closed' Church experience.
We are an independent self-governing congregation with a seven member Church Council that, with he leadership of our pastor, oversees and leads the congregation in the ministry areas of Discipleship, Evangelism, Fellowship, Worship and Service. Our worship style is informal, non-liturgical, traditional and blended.
Situated in a small town in the south west Colorado mountains we experience two distinct congregations - one during the winter months (October through April) that is made up of a small local congregation and one in the summer months (May through September) that is made up of a much larger congregation of summer residents and visitors. The congregation is made up of people (mostly retired) from a variety of Christian backgrounds and so we respect the traditions of all Believers. Consequently, we do not emphasize doctrinal differences but affirm the central truths of our Christian faith.
Our facilities, recently upgraded, consist of a sanctuary and, when using our summer overflow area, seats 250 people, Fellowship Hall, Classrooms and Kitchen.
We are situated close to the Rio Grande River with the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.
The mission of our Church is "Making real to all the freedom, power, love, and salvation God has given in Jesus Christ."




































 Chapel of the South Fork, South Fork Colorado